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  • Sharon Benzvi

Should you eat more while on your period?

You’re on that time of the month and you feel like you're over-eating and you’re wondering - is it normal? Am I really eating more than usual?

Did you know your body actually needs more calories during your menstruation?

A menstrual cycle actually increases your metabolic rate which mean you’re burning more calories during that time, so obviously you’re more hungry!

Your hormones level changes which affects your hunger levels, and since your estrogen level rises you’re feeling more moody and sad which makes you crave foods that will give you an energy boost.

Changes in your eating habits are very natural during your period. Your body is more tired as you’re loosing some blood and iron level drops a little. Your body is taking much more than usual on itself during your period so it needs more nutritional food.

It’s totally fine to eat the occasional cookies or brownie but try to stick to a healthy, nutritious diet.

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