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Here is a little about myself and how I got to work with nutrition and wellness.


I was dealing with my weight since I was 12, yes, that’s 7th grade...which is when I did my first diet.

I just took one of my mom’s diet books (I don’t think she even noticed) and built it.

Thinking back and looking at myself in pictures, I wasn’t overweight. But seeing all those models (even before Instagram and Facebook days) made me want to be skinnier too. 


In my teen years, I tried pretty much every diet on the planet (including just starving myself)…  I lost a few pounds in one week and then went back to my regular food, gaining those pounds back.

I LOVED eating snacks in front of the TV, and though my mom tried to hide them from my brother and I, we always found them…. (that became part of the fun actually).


When I grew up and moved to my own place, I was to make my own food choices (good and bad) so I taught myself how to cook - which became one of the things I really love doing.

Throughout the years, my weight went up and down (especially during and after pregnancies - all 4 of them!) but eventually I found the right weight for me and the food that makes me feel good. 


When my older girl turned 2 1/2,  after having a few ear infections that year, her pediatrician informed me that if she’ll have another ear infection that winter, we’ll have to discuss a surgery.

I walked out of her office freaked out!

She’s so little!! I don’t want her to go through that. I told my friend about it and she advised me to see an acupuncturist. That advice changed our lives.

In the acupuncturist's office, after having both my girls getting acupuncture, she advised me to change my girls’ diet.

No dairy. No soy. No white flour. No sugar.

I freaked out again.

I have to remind you, this is 2006. The options for substitutions were very limited  and not existent in our neighborhood market. I had to go to Whole Foods for grocery shopping and I didn’t even know what I’ll feed them the next day.

I felt overwhelmed.


The next day I went to Whole Foods and  Trader Joe’s and started reading labels. I was shocked. So many products with dairy, so many with sugar, and so many ingredients you can’t even pronounce. 

But slowly, I learned my way. As time passed and items became more common in my regular market, it all became easier.


I started cooking even more at home, and making better choices.

I decided that it will be easier for me to change our entire house’ diet.

So my husband and I became soy free (which was the easiest), dairy free, and sugar free (which was the hardest).

Within 2 weeks, without even trying or thinking about it - I lost 7 pounds.

And the best part - the mucous I’ve had for years - disappeared!

My daughter's eczema - that doctors said there was nothing to do about it except steroids - disappeared as well.


Only then - I realized - food is SO powerful!!


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates). 


My girls never had that ear surgery and the eczema  never came back! People who I discussed this with either didn’t believe me or tried it themselves and were shocked!


Later on, I started to become interested in studying the process and eventually, I did.


After finishing my BA in Psychology, I took a little break from studying and later returned to school studying Nutrition Consultation. Before I graduated, I decided to study health coaching.


I really enjoyed learning it all and helping people feel better is the best!


So whether you want to lose weight or just feel healthier (or both) I would love to help you change your world. One bite at a time!

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